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Introducing Designer Drains 

      We are proud to introduce and add Designer Drains™ as the newest and most creative shower drain grates available in the market place today, enhancing the look of any drain, Truly Jewelry for your shower™. Designer Drains™ are made from solid metals such as Brass, Copper and reclaimed 304 Stainless Steel and are "Assisting the environment, one shower at a time."  No plastic or PVC is used to manufacture these incredible shower grates and they are proudly made in the U.S.A. keeping America working.

      Designer Drains™ shower grates are available for Kohler™, Zurn™, Mifab™, Schluter-Kerdi™, SQ Smith™ and ebbe-America™ drains.  Designer Drains™ innovation, attention to detail, sophistication, and quality are all elements that enhance the overall design of their shower drain grates.  Designer Drains™ are also available for Trough or Linear shower drains in a variety of sizes and designs. Designer Drains™ add that extra little something to the any shower design concept.

       ebbe-America™ believes they are a world leader in square drain innovation, design and manufacturing of square shower drain grates and accessories.  The square design of the E4400 square drain riser allows for simple and easy tile cuts, saving precious time and money.  It's easier to cut tile to a square drain than to cut, nip and grind to fit a round drain.  Glass mosaics tiles are easy to install. When tile cutting is needed, cuts are straight saw cuts, no grinding to match a radius.  ebbe-America™ square shower drain grates are sized to match standard 1/2”, 1”, 2”, and 4” tile without cutting.  

       The E4400 series square drain riser provides a friction fit, no binding, no screws required to hold the ebbe-America™ square shower grate in place.  ebbe-America™ square shower drain riser is shipped with a construction plug used while tiling your shower, keeping debris from entering the shower drain.  The riser is designed to thread into the female threads of standard shower drain fittings, and many adapters are available to fit most all drains in the marketplace.  We have made it easy and offer the ebbe-America™ square drain riser complete with either a PVC or ABS shower drain, so all you need is a ebbe-America™ square drain grate to complete a shower installation.

       No screws necessary for installation of the heavy ebbe-America™ E4400 square drain grates.  Screws are a bother to remove when you have to retrieve an earring or remove trapped hair.  The first time someone removes a screw with a screwdriver, the finish could get damaged.  Screws can pop out of your fingers into the drain and get lost. Replacing those small designer screws in the many different finishes would be impossible, not standard hardware screws.  Each square shower grate has a Stainless steel clad glass polymer composite frame, an elegant 25 hole grate pattern.  

      All ten designer finishes are 100% PVD finish the most durable finish available and are warranted for life.  The ebbe-America™ square shower grates are color fast for indoor or outdoor use.  Easily maintained no special cleaning and are great for the pool area.  Each grate is provided with a grate puller for easily removal without damaging the square shower drain grate.  All ebbe-America™ square shower drains and accessories are in stock, usually ship same day and are proudly keeping America working.

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Designer Drains™ is a registered trademark of Designer Drains © All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014.
ebbe-america™ is a registered trademark of ebbe-America © All Rights Reserved Copyright 2014.
While the drains shown on this page are sized to fit Kohler™, and ebbe-America™ drains these custom drain grates are manufactured only by Designer Drains™ brand in the U.S.A, and are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Kohler Co.™ or ebbe-America™ in any way.   


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